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AltRider oliekoeler bescherming/cover, Ducati Scrambler


The AltRider Oil Cooler Guard for the Ducati Scrambler is available in silver and black finishes, and VHB adhesive is included.

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The modern Ducati Scrambler is the embodiment of the 1960s philosophy of making the most out of your motorcycle. The Scrambler enjoys modern conveniences and technology while the stripped down look allows riders to customize for looks, function, or both. AltRider parts are designed to blend form and function by protecting your machine and enhancing its appearance in the process, just like the bikes they are built for.

The Ducati Scrambler’s oil cooler was placed in a position with maximum airflow to make it most effective, which means it is left vulnerable to road and trail debris. Dented fins in an oil cooler mean reduced cooling effectiveness, and the AltRider Oil Cooler Guard was designed to protect this vital component without restricting airflow.

Made in the USA from laser-cut 2mm thick aluminum, the AltRider Oil Cooler Guard mounts using vibrations isolation foam suspended high temp VHB tape, a method used to prevent damage that might occur from metal-on-metal mounting in this high-heat area. AltRider took great care to source a VHB adhesive rated to work at the high temperatures produced by the oil cooler, while the cushioned characteristic of the foam substrate eliminates the possibility of damage done by vibration.

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