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AltRider valbeugel, BMW S1000XR


If you have already purchased the AltRider Skid Plate with brackets, then select “AltRider Skid Plate Installed” when making your selection, otherwise select “NO AltRider Skid Plate Installed” to make sure you receive the brackets necessary for installation.

•100% designed and manufactured in the USA
•1” (25.4 mm) stainless steel tubing
•5-axis laser cut and hand TIG welded joints
•Maintain cornering clearance
•Unique 2 cross connections transfer impact load
•Powder-coated steel brackets integrate with the AltRider Skid Plate
•Available in silver or black



Designed to be the first truly universally capable machine, the S 1000 XR is a crossover concept bike combining aspects of BMW’s GS, touring, and sport models to create a new class of bike; Adventure Sport. Our crash bars were designed to make sure your bike is protected no matter what type of adventure you find yourself in.

AltRider crash bars are known for the center connector which ties the two bar halves together to distribute the load from a crash evenly to both sides of the bike rather than being directed to just one side. This approach dramatically increases the chances of surviving a crash with little to no damage. With the S 1000 XR, we went a step further by adding a second crossover. Now there is one point low in front of the engine, and a second point high under the beak designed to transfer impact load. This is the only design on the market that can provide real protection in a crash or tip over.

Multiple connection points, wider coverage from top to bottom of the bike, and maximum load deflection allows our bar design to fit closely to the frame of the bike. This keeps the bike’s profile narrow and prevents any loss of cornering clearance.

Powder-coated steel mounting brackets are utilized to connect the crash bars as well as our skid plate, to create one solid protection package. A cross tube connects the brackets, which offers unparalleled strength and is the backbone to creating such a unique and complete system. Purchase the full AltRider Crash Bars and Skid Plate System here.

Installation of the AltRider crash bars is simple and straightforward. With our bars there is no need to remove side plastics or make any customization to the bike. Available in silver or black.

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