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Forcefield Pro X-V 2 Protector long pants


  • DRI-M construction for best shock absorption
  • Repeat Performance Technology
  • X-valves ensure increased airflow
  • BeCool base layer fabric
  • lightweight, detachable tank
  • Drawstring cord
  • soft, flexible, comfortable and breathable


Forcefield Pro Pants X-V are the ultimate protective sports pants with Isolator 2 (X-V 2) Hip, Knee and Buttock/Coccyx Pads.

The Pro Pants X-V are constructed using the most breathable BeCool™ base layer fabrics. Ergonomically-shaped specific Isolator armour pieces have been designed to provide maximum protection, while offering huge unrestricted movement and breathability. The 5-piece armour set covers hips, knees and buttocks/coccyx, and is removable quickly and easily.

New production techniques have resulted in a super strong open mesh that is even more breathable, yet super soft and strong. We use this in the Pro Pants X-V 1 to create ‘armour windows’, not only looking good, but also providing extra breathability and lightness. The Pro Pants X-V have DRI-M technology (Dynamic, Reactive, Intelligent Material) fitted throughout.

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