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Giant Loop Footmans Loop Anchor Kit


Each kit contains the following:
•2 – 1.5″ black anodized zinc die-cast steel Footmans Loop anchors
•4 washers
•4 aluminum button head bolts M5x20mm button head bolts (3mm allen)
•4 locking nuts (8mm)


The Footmans Loop Anchor Kit is a simple, affordable, universal way to add solid anchor points for webbing straps to motorcycles, snow bikes, snowmobiles, ATVs, UTVs and 4x4s. Giant Loop’s Footmans Loop Anchor Kit is especially handy for creating lash points to secure our MoJavi Saddlebag and Coyote Saddlebag to late model KTM EXCs, Husqvarna FEs and other dual sport and dirt bikes that use an under fender support that prevents the fender hooks on our Saddlebags from from getting a good purchase on the fender edge.

Giant Loop’s Footmans Loop Anchor Kit includes 2 anodized black footmans loops, 4 flat washers, 4 locking nuts (8mm) and 4 aluminum M5x20mm button head bolts (3mm allen).


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