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Touratech aluminium kampeerstoeltje


Technical specifications:
Approx. 470 g, made from aluminium and glass fibre reinforced plastic, rugged artificial fibre seat platform,
packed size 60 x 60 x 320 mm; folded up: Seat height
430 mm, seat depth/width 420 x 200 mm, maximum load 110 kg.
The seat face is black and with the TOURATECH Logo printed on.


Sometimes, you just don’t want to sit down on the wet grass or look fora rock to sit on. If you still have some space in your panniers, we have got the solution. Our aluminium camping seat:
It is lightweight, high and folds up extremely small. It has an outstanding design and is manufactured in Europe (Germany).
The seat platform is black and has the Touratech Logo printed on it.


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