Muc-Off Helmet, Visor, Lens & Goggle Cleaner, 32ML



The Muc-Off Bike Care Essentials Kit contains all the basic elements you need to be able to look after your bicycle! The kit contains the following awesome Muc-Off products:
– Nano Tech Bike Cleaner. Muc-Off Biodegradable Bike Cleaner has an incredibly effective cleaning formula containing ‘Nano Technology’ that also cares for your bike’s delicate finishes. It contains no harmful acids, CFC’s or solvents and is fully biodegradable.
– Bike Protect. Preserve and freshen your bike with Muc-Off Bike Protects incredible water dispersing action. Muc-Off Bike Protect has a high oil content so is a perfect ‘all over’ after-wash corrosion inhibitor.
– Micro Cell Sponge. Ergonomically shaped, high density foam sponge for all over bikeCleaning.
– Wheel and component brush. Shaped & contoured to fit spokes and rim – Removes tough grime from hard to reach areas.
– Carrying tote. Keep your whole Bike Care Regime in our handy draw string tote for contaminate free storage.

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Helmet, Visor & Goggle Cleaner quickly and safely removes dirt, dust, grime, snow, sweat and oily residue from all helmets, eye wear and goggles. Its been formulated using de-ionised water as recommended by many helmet manufacturers and it’s safe to use on all lens materials including polycarbonate! Visor, Lens & Goggle Cleaner is also anti-bacterial and uses pH neutral soaps. And you don’t have to worry about the formula either! It’s fully biodegradable and contains no solvents or harmful chemicals.
It’s perfect for cleaning motorcycle goggles, cycling glasses and goggles as well as snowboard and ski goggles.


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