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Pivot Pegz WIDE MK3, BMW R1100, 1150 & 1200GS (2004 model)


10mm wider than Pivot Pegz MK2 version
Enhanced bike feel and better control
Smoother body weight transfer plus reduced body jarring
Better balance & traction
Reduced fatigue
Superior foothold and maximum load distribution
Easier gear shifts and rear brake access
Extended boot life
Electro-polished mirror finish
O-ring sealed
Spring loaded pivot action
Wide, open design


Greater comfort and control can be yours with the New Pivot Pegz WIDE MK3 foot peg. The unique pivoting action allows your foot to stay firmly planted on the peg, giving you more grip and control during movements.

The world’s only spring-loaded self-centering pivoting foot peg actively tracks with motion of rider’s feet and returns to center when the foot leaves the peg. This enhances your bike’s feel and control while making gear shifting and braking easier. It also reduces jarring, fatigue and extends your boot life.

Each peg is made from double heat-treated aerospace grade stainless steel with more than 20 high grip teeth for superior grip, maximum load distribution and a faster, smoother transfer of body weight.

Pivot Pegz WIDE MK3 come with a stylish electro-polished mirror finish are 10mm wider than the MK2 versions.


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