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SW Motech EVO mistlichtenset, Triumph Tiger 900


Included in delivery

  • 2 x EVO Fog lights, Aluminum, black
  • 2 x Light mount, Steel, black
  • 1 x Cable harness with safety device
  • 1 x Handlebar switch
  • Mounting instructions
  • Mounting material


  • Only mountable with SW-MOTECH logo up due to reflector curvature Hanging or upright mount possible depending on model (see mounting instructions).


The focus of the new development was on a compact shape and fulfilling the highest quality standards: the EVO fog lights are water- and dust-tight and protection class IP69. Powerful LEDs provide the best view, while wear-resistant housings ensure long life.
This kit contains all parts required to easily and securely mount the EVO headlights on to your vehicle. The bike-specific headlight brackets are attached to the original attachment points and enable optimal positioning of the headlight. The particularly wide light scatter of the EVO fog lights ensures that you can “see and be seen” in fog or in poor weather. The EVO fog lights are water- and dustproof in accordance with safety class IP69. Powerful LEDs provide the best view, while wear-resistant housings ensure long life.

Light mount

  • Compatible with SW-MOTECH lights
  • Simple mounting on available attachment points
  • Bike-specific development ensures that lights fit perfectly
  • Corrosion protection thanks to the high-quality powder coating
  • Details

  • Material: Steel
  • Surface: powder coated
  • Color: black

EVO Fog lights

  • Trouble- and maintenance-free operation due to almost wear-free LED, considerably reduced energy consumption
  • Compact size with a diameter of 7.1cm
  • Water- and dustproof (safety class: IP69)
  • Voltage: 12 V; cable harness for easy connection to the motorcycle battery is included, no change to motorcycle electric required
  • Splash-proof and illuminated handlebar switch for easy operation
  • Lights have an ECE test mark (ECE R19 F3)
  • Power: 12 W / luminous flux: 1,050 LM
  • Splash-proof and bright green handlebar switch for convenient operation
  • Mounting points on all four sides
  • Installation on headlight clamps for crash bar (Ø 22, 26, 27, 28 mm) or bike-specific brackets
  • Details

  • Material: Aluminum
  • Surface: powder coated
  • Color: black
  • Size: 7,1 x 7,1 cm / 2.8 x 2.8 in


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